About Me

So, here's the "official" bio:

Lily Grace hails from the Midwest but currently resides in the DC metro area. Her background is in public health and the life sciences and she does consulting work for the government. She's a fan of loud rock concerts, cooking, shoe shopping, and strawberry ice cream. Lily didn’t start writing until 2007 and finally submitted her first story for publication in 2010. She loves that writing gives her the opportunity to escape the real world for a little while and live within the fantasy worlds she creates.

But, the truth is...

It still kind of blows my mind that I'm published. It actually happened on a dare. My dear friend convinced me to send a story in to Torquere Press at the beginning of 2010. In May, "Forces of Nature" was published. And that's how it all began.

With a million plot bunnies hopping through my head and wreaking havoc, I decided to follow-up "Forces" with another short story and work-up slowly to some of the longer stories I wanted to write. "Just A Summer Fling" came out in September and "An Angel for Christmas" was published in December of 2010.

After a bit of an unplanned hiatus, I'm thrilled that my first novel will be published in early 2013 by Dreamspinner Press. 


I love to hear from readers, so email me at lilygrace28 [at] yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading.