Works in progress-- three seemingly innocent words, yet somehow when put together they create a vortex of hope, excitement, blood, sweat, tears, mild insanity, editing nightmares, and beautiful dreams.

Big numbers are tough, so I won't go into every plot bunny taking up residence in my head, but below are the things I'm currently, actively working on:

How to Survive a Dinner Date with a Vampire

Probably a novella length. (And, quite possibly a supernatural series of sorts... but we'll see how things go...)

Ted hasn't had his head stuck in the sand for the past two years, he knows that supernaturals exist, but living in a small town has its perks. You don't have to deal with a lot of stuff from the big bad world. He's quite content to go on living with his best friend, Billy, working at the local library, and pretending the supernaturals didn't out themselves to the world.

Ted's plan doesn't go so smoothly when after one too many at the only gay club in town he's asked out to dinner by the most gorgeous man he's ever seen. Ted realizes too late that there's a bit more to Aleksander than meets the eye. Now Ted has to worry about finding out exactly how one survives a dinner date with a vampire.

Turkey on Rye

Short story

Alex is an accountant, painfully shy, with only a small circle of friends. Every Wednesday he goes to Saddie's Sandwich Shop and orders the exact same thing from the beautiful man who works there, Jacob. Alex doesn't think he'll ever work up the nerve to talk to Jacob, so he contents himself with his fantasies while he munches on his sandwich.

Jacob is everything Alex is not-- outgoing, full of life, and undeniably handsome. Alex knows he doesn't stand a chance with someone like that. An unwanted birthday and an unplanned event will show Alex that sometimes traits he deems unattractive in himself are exactly what someone else wants.