Saturday, October 13, 2012

Free reads and cover art input

Greetings! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

So, both of my short stories published with Torquere Press back in 2010 have been out of print for a while now, and I've just sort of been sitting on them, not sure what to do. All the rights are transferred back to me, so really, I can do anything I want with them. I thought fleetingly of either subbing to another publisher or even self-publishing on ARe, or Amazon. But in the end, I decided I'd much rather just offer them up as free reads on my blog.

So, my first ever published work, Forces of Nature, can be found here. It's about best friends, Evan and Drew, getting a little help from Mother Nature admitting their true feelings for each other.

In Just a Summer Fling, a beautiful surfer named Chris helps Ryan, who's just been dumped by his boyfriend, get some of his self-confidence back while he's on vacation. Fling can be found here.

Just a Summer Fling was also just reviewed over at Joyfully Jay as part of their Young Love Week. Not Familiar with the Joyfully Jay blog? Take a gander:

Last week I supplied the Dreamspinner art department with input on what I would like to see for the cover of Analyzing Emory. When I started to fill out the information--What do the MCs look like? Do you want a drawn cover or one using stock photography? What's the tone of the story? Etc.--everything just started to feel so real. It's really happening! It wasn't some sort of April Fools joke in September. They're really publishing my book and they're even going to make a pretty cover for it! The editing process hasn't begun yet, and I'm sure I'll moan and groan through it, but that part excites me as well, because it means the book is just getting that much closer to being finished and ready to be shared with everyone. Early 2013 can't come fast enough!


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