Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This and That

Fair warning... this post is going to be a potpourri or randomness.

First, tomorrow I'm going to be guest blogging over at The Armchair Reader. I'll be talking about my love of comfort foods and sharing a recipe. So stop on by. There may even be a giveaway involved. ;)

Second, this video makes me extremely happy. So much androgyny. So much Bowie. And the fact that Bowie cast Andrej Pejic in his music video pretty much makes my head explode (in a good way).

Third, thanks to my darling friend, I'm thoroughly enjoying some German pear brandy. I'm not even sure you can find it in the US. I usually don't drink alcohol straight (I'm a mixer type of a girl), but this is definitely lovely to sip and has a distinct crisp, pear taste. Yum.

Fourth, this tumblr makes me really happy. So does this one and this one (yeah, I totally have a thing for Andrej Pejic... and pretty boys in general).

Fifth, I forgot how beautiful this is. The song and the video. And Brian Molko. I <3 Placebo.

Also, I love that I felt the need to number all the items in my random post. I'm just slightly OCD. :p

That's all for now!


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