Thursday, July 21, 2011

My last post was when?!

*looks at last blog post date*

*looks at calendar*

*looks back at last blog post date*

Seriously?! Have I really not updated my blog since February?! 

Wow. I'm pretty sure I deserve a spanking. LOL

So, the job that actually pays my bills has been running me into the ground. And, I had some writer's block issues. And, I'm trying to find a new job (hopefully) that won't make me want to bang my head repeatedly against a wall. So, things have been busy... just not hugely productive on the writing front.

BUT.... that doesn't mean that things haven't been looking up of late. I'm currently working on three things. First, there's a novel (my first!!! *does a dance*), where I'm this close to typing 'The End.' Then of course there's the multitude of edits, revisions, re-writes.... but let's take things one step at a time, shall we? I'm also working on a novella (which if it goes the way I'm envisioning it will actually be a paranormal series of sorts... but perhaps it's too early to say much more). And, finally, there is a short story about a sandwich (okay, so it's about two men... but there is a sandwich, and it does play a crucial role in the plot). 

There are, of course, a few other things rolling around in my head like dust bunnies or that have very cursory outlines/beginnings, but the three things I mentioned above are getting first priority. (Unless a new plot bunny and new characters start screaming in my head to be written immediately, and NO, they will not wait! And yes, this has been known to happen... ;p) 

Maybe I'll make it a project this weekend to add a WIP page to my blog. That would be good. So, even if I don't have anything new coming out people can see what the hell I'm up to. ;)

More info on WIPs soon. (Really, I promise!!) 



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