Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation, relocating, and anniversaries... oh my!

Holy, crazy, last few weeks.

Some really big things are coming up for me! First, it's finally time for my long-awaited summer vacation! I'm heading to Germany for two weeks to visit a friend. I'm so excited. I'm certain to come back with many plot bunnies wearing lederhosen. ;)

After I get back from my trip my life is in for a major overhaul. I've been offered an amazing new job that will be fantastic for my career (y'know, the career that pays the bills), but it requires me to relocate. So, in about a month I'll be boxing up my life, leaving Boston, and moving back down to Washington, DC. I lived there for about a year when I was in grad. school a while back, so it's a familiar place and I still have great friends in the area. It's still a huge change.... but a completely exciting one. It just means that for the next few months my life will be slightly crazed and stressful. It'll totally be worth it though. Let's just hope I can find some time for writing in there somewhere so my characters don't think I've completely abandoned them. ;)

Speaking of characters and writing, I have added a new works in progress page, so check it out to see what I have in the pipeline. Also, Torquere Press has an 8th anniversary celebration coming up! Starting in September Torquere will have some fun things going on including an author webpage scavenger hunt in which I'm taking part! So, keep your eyes peeled on the Torquere Press website come September for details.

Now, I have to get back to haphazardly throwing things in the direction of my suitcase. *grins*

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